Our upcoming issue, Volume 21:1, for publication in Fall 2011, will include the following articles:

Law, Literature, and the Legacy of Virginia Woolf: Stories and Lessons in Feminist Legal Theory

By: Susan L. Brody

The Bonds That Tie: The Politics of Motherhood and the Future of Abortion Rights

By: Mary Ziegler

A Female Disease: The Unintentional Gendering of Fibromyalgia Social Security Claims

By: Dara E. Purvis

Property and Belongingness: Rethinking Gender-Biased Disinheritance

By: Shelly Kreiczer Levy & Meital Pinto

Please click on the following links to view the table of contents for past issues:

Volume 20:2

Volume 20:1

Volume 19:2

Volume 19:1

Volume 18:2

Volume 18:1

Volume 17:2

Volume 17:1

Volume 16:2

Volume 16:1

Volume 15:2

Volume 15:1


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